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Live Fit Podcast: Holistic Health Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Control with Glenn Johnson

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Jul 13, 2016

Eric The Trainer believes the best way to live healthy is through: Diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep.

Eric The Trainer is a Hollywood Physique Expert with nearly 25 years of experience in physical transformation.  His first book, Hollywood Muscle, which is a  revolutionary muscle-building and fat loss training book that also comes with an online video training course and smart phone app. Eric garnered his knowledge from working in gyms as a person trainer in the two epicenters of fitness, New York and Los Angeles and has spent time, firsthand, with some of the greatest minds in fitness the world has ever produced such as Jack Lalane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Richard Simmons, etc.

His techniques are regularly featured in "Muscle & Fitness" magazine (where he sits on their advisory board), TRAIN magazine, and on He hosts the popular tv show "Celebrity Sweat" on Spike TV.  In-flight entertainment on Delta.

Eric is lso a member of the Gold’s Gym fitness institute, where he serves as an expert and global spokesperson for the organization, he has traveled to the Middle East for the past two years to train American troops,  and has taught at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy for the past eight years, and has also worked with the LAPD, CHP, and SWAT teams.

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