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May 9, 2018

Ryan Correy was a friend of mine. He died on April 29, 2018 after battling stage 4 colon and liver cancer for 9 months.

He was only 35 yet crammed a lifetime of adventure, inspiration, and goodness into those few years. I'm reminded of the Billy Joel song "Only The Good Die Young". 

I met Ryan in 2007 when I was racing against him in the Race Across Oregon. We had been leapfrogging all day and swapped adventure stories each time one of us passed the other. 

I liked the guy immediately. For a 24 year old, he was very sage, worldly and had a drive and likability that doesn't come around very often.

He went on to do many great things before the cancer caught him - including winning a 24 hour, solo, mountain bike race after experiencing the symptoms of colon cancer.

For more info or to hear my interview with Ryan, see episode 51 for recorded after he published his first book "A Purpose Ridden".