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Live Fit Podcast: Healthy Living with Glenn Johnson

Find out what works for you with leading health experts. Live your life healthy, fit, and free.

Feb 25, 2014

In this episode, Glenn explains why rapid weight loss ends in failure, why it is anti-productive and why it results in more weight gained than lost. 

Fast, or rapid, weight loss is tempting. Once you decide you are ready to make a change, you want that change to happen, now. But, this will only result in very short term...

Feb 13, 2014

One of the forefathers of the paleolithic eating philosophy, Dr. Loren Cordain began this chapter of his life as a quest to improve his own athletic performance. When he read a paper written by Dr. Boyd Eaton about the things that hunter gatherers used to eat based on availability and technology. In this paper he...

Feb 8, 2014

What is holding you back from better performance? Weight gain, bonking, fatigue? Understanding sports nutrition can help you. This week, Glenn talks with himself and shares his years of experience and research on the subject of nutrition for improved physical activity. This tips he gives can be helpful to the daily gym...