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This interview with Erin Brown from Fit Mama Training is a breath of fresh air. Her focus in life is helping women find their inner beauty and accept who they are and how they are. This is not complacency or giving up. This is respect and a strong self value. A value that is NOT placed on apperance.

Several years ago Erin Brown weighed 100 pounds more than she does now. Then one day she changed her mind. This mindset change resulted in changing her shape - and her life. Now she is a speaker, writer and inspiration to thousands of women (and now, me).

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This is no Altered State. I was amazed at the health benefits I learned and discovered from my float in an isolation tank. 

If you are like me and want to meditate but have a hard time shutting out the world and tasks, you will probably like to float. I found it to be warm and comfortable and there was no ,sound, sight or discomfort to distract me. And, very unexpectedly, my chronic back pain disappeared. 

Join me as I discover the health benefits, both physical and mental, in my interview with Jeremy DeLong of Mudra Massage in Portland, OR.

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In this episode, Glenn shows you what causes belly fat and how YOU can get rid of it.

Belly fat is the bain of many people's lives. There are hundreds of products on the market to help a person get rid of belly fat. But do they work? Before you buy anything, listen to this episode.

There is a simply solution to getting rid of that pooch.

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