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Sugar is everywhere. It is hard to eat any processed foods that do not have sugar added.

But, is that a problem? People in Western civilizations are growing obese and less healthy. Is sugar to blame? Many say yes. 

The sugar battle rages on. Sugar tastes good, is in "fun" foods, is adored by children and most adults. Grandparents love giving it and because of all that, the food industry puts it in everything.

Meanwhile, many parents are fighting against the sugar forces and doing everything they can to keep sugar out of their children's diet. Who will win this battle?

What can you do?

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to stay motivated all the time and succees in nearly everything they do? 

You too can succeed in weight loss, improving your fitness, or gratuating from college - the tools are the same no matter what you want to do.

In this episode, Glenn will share with you his most successful tools and techniques for increasing and maintaining motivation in himself and his clients.


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Many times I have pondered how similar a bike race is to life, and more pointedly, to working toward accomplishing a goal. Goals setting and action has a similar feel as the energy builds, the support, the motivation, the movement, then comes the dips and the difficulties and you either fail (quit) or keep going to the end (win). Even if you didn't actually win (accomplish the original goal), I'll bet you are better off.

In this solo podcast, Glenn shares a tough race and the thoughts that were in his head at the time.

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