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37 Fear (pt 2): How to Beat It

Many of us attempt to better outselves (weight loss, fitness improvement, etc.), again and again and again. This is because we were not successful. What if the biggest barrier to yoru success was fear and nothing more? What if you could conquer your fear? Would you be a winner? Would you make the most of your time, energy and enthusiasm?

Then listen to this episode and part 1, episode 36, and find out what is getting in your way and what you can do to beat it.

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36 Fear (pt 1): What's Stopping You?

What are you afraid of? We are all afraid of something. But, are your fears stopping you from reaching your goals? Then listen as Glenn shares his understanding of our fears and what you can do to conquore them.

This is part 1 of a 2 part subject.

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35 Regular Guy Reaches Breaking Point

In this interview, Darren Altman explains how he went from flabby to fit and what his breaking point was to motivate him to change his lifestyle.

He may not be a regular guy in that he is a voice over artist by day and plays drums on stage at night, but he is regular in that he has a wife, child, and a sedentary job.

He is like most people in the modern world whose jobs keep them sedentary for long periods of time.

He is also a regular guy when, after his marriage and child, he found his weight climbing, and climbing - until he almost burst his pants on stage and decided he needed to change.

Darren found fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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In this interview with Jodi McMurray from The Humanity Collective, we learn how her career ruined her health and what she did to change and heal. 

Jodi considers herself a Change Maker and is working to make the world a better bplace to live in, however, her efforts were killing her. She had to learn how to help others AND herself. 

She was successful and tells us all how she did it. #livefit

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Who is your worst enemy? Is it your boss, co-worker, teammate? Or is it yourself? 

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, Glenn discusses the insidious beast that sabotages your efforts for improvement.

Do things frequently happen that prevent you from being successful? Do you fail in your weight loss efforts? Do you find it impossible to stick with an exercise routine? Are you having trouble becoming a better you?

Find out where your sabotage is coming from and what you can do to stop it, and get back on the track to being a better you.

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