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98 Dr Phil a Natural Pharmacist

Improve your life with the help of a natural pharmacist, Dr. Phil Carson.

As president of Carson Naturals, Dr. Phil helps his patients find the best solution for what ails them. Find out why he won't distribute drugs for ADD and ADHD, what he believes is the cause of autism and why he is more passionate about natural cures than he ever was about dispensing traditional drugs.

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Listen to your body, it is wise. Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams (holistic medical doctor)  tells us about her new book "Bodywise" and how we can listen to our body to treat, repair, and improve it.

Prevention is the key, but when the body fails, listen to it, your body will tell you what it needs.

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96 Sugar pt 8: Sugar Series Summary

Sugar Series Summary: In this conclusion episode, Glenn summarizes that last 7 episodes about sugar. He covers the basics of what sugar is and how your body treats it; he covers the most dangerous kind of sugar, and why; eating tips to avoid eating sweets, yet still enjoying life; how the government is poisoning its people with artificial sweeteners; and the root cause of addictions.

In this series, he interviewed: Michael Moss, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, David Gillespie, Dr. Janet Hull, and Jennifer Powter.

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