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Psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston spent years overcoming his obsessive binge eating. He found the solution and says it will work on most people. 

Find out how he did it, and how others can too.

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Jay Kim is a self proclaimed desk jockey in the financial industry. He spent his first two years after collage trying to make a name for himself in his new career by working too many hours and having too many drinks in the evening entertaining his clients and eating whatever he wanted - because he deserved it.
This caught up with him. He set out to find the answer.
What he found filled a blog, and now a book, both called "Hack Your Fitness".
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In this episode, Dr. Joanne Halbrecht shares with us the amazing results of stem cell treatments on damaged joints.
She uses her patients' own stem cells to stimulate the body to grow certain tissues, specifically meniscus and cartiledge to let the body heal itself.
As an orthopedic surgeon, her specialty is joint repair.  This is great news for people with arthritis and meniscus tears.
If you don't have any joint damage, don't worry, Dr. Halbrecht gives us tips on how you can prevent it.
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