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Live Fit Podcast: Healthy Living with Glenn Johnson

Find out what works for you with leading health experts. Live your life healthy, fit, and free.

Jun 20, 2018

Dr. Charles Elder is a senior physician with Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon and helps with patients balance their bodies through the use of food, drink, herbs, spices and a few daily practices.

Ayurveda is the oldest health care system known. The origin of Ayurveda dates back to 5,000 BCE.

In this episode, Dr....

Jun 6, 2018

Today's guest is Jeff Chilton. He's an ethno-mycologist from the PNW and has been raising mushrooms since 1973.
He was responsible for bringing fresh shiitake mushrooms to the US market in 1978. In the 80s he started Nammex, a business that introduced medical mushrooms to the US nutritional supplement...